Audiovisual Fees

Rate schedules are provided for three classes of events:

  • events occurring between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, conducted by internal WCMC customers
  • events occurring outside of these hours, conducted by internal WCMC customers
  • events held by external customers

Weekdays, 8 A.M.-6 P.M., WCMC Customers

Preproduction Planning1$50/event
Setup130-minute standard setup included at no additional charge
Technician Support$105/hour/technician

Off-Hours & Weekends, WCMC Customers

Preproduction Planning1$100/event
Technician Support$125/hour/technician

All Hours, Non-WCMC Customers

Preproduction Planning1$200/event
Technician Support$175/hour/technician

Technology Services, All Customers

Wi-Fi Service$5/attendee2
Point-to-Point VideoconferencingContact us
AudioconferencingContact us
Other Technology NeedsPricing varies

1Additional planning and setup charges based on technician support rate may apply.

2A minimum charge of $500 applies to Uris Auditorium, Weill Auditorium, Estabrook Lecture Hall, A-950 Auditorium and combined Weill Greenberg Center rooms. A minimum charge of $100 applies to nonrecurring events in all other spaces. A flat rate of $75 applies to recurring internal events and grand rounds.

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