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Fill out the form below to submit an event scheduling request. An Event Services staff member will respond within three business days to confirm any additional details and provide a quote for your event.

For events in three days or less, please call our office: (212) 746-6125 after completing and submitting this form. Please note that submitting your request less than three business days in advance of your event may incur rush event charges, per Event Services Policies

Are you requesting a videoconference to host New York City and Ithaca attendees? If so, please use the Intercampus Videoconference Reservation Form instead.

General Information
If this is a recurring meeting, please provide additional dates here.
Please provide the actual start time of your event.
Primary Contact

The primary contact will be responsible for all event and billing details.

Confirmation for this event will be sent to the email address listed above.
Billing Information

A valid Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) fund number, NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP) account number or authorized credit card is required to hold your reservation, even if your event incurs no charges.

If you are paying by WCMC fund number, please provide it here. Account numbers are required to complete this form.
Room Requirements
While we try to meet all specific room requests, events may be placed in other spaces based on availability and our discretion. Please contact the Griffis Faculty Club directly: regarding reservations in their lounge, dining room or Harkness Courtyard.
Please note that not all room configurations are available in all spaces. If you select "Other Room Setup Needs" or "Don't Know", a representative will follow up to help you plan your space configuration.
Technology Requirements
Provide premium Wi-Fi connection for participants and guests attending your event (audiovisual fees apply).
Please indicate any needs you may have for audiovisual technology (e.g., projection, laptops, microphones, audio amplification, DVD playback). Please include any technology requests for the Griffis Faculty Club or Harkness Courtyard here.
Remote Sites
Catering Requirements
If you select the Griffis Faculty Club for your food service, you will need to send an email to A representative will contact you regarding your catering request to help you plan a menu and times of service.
Other Requests

By completing the section below, I, on behalf of my department, group or organization, acknowledge that I have fully read and agreed to all applicable Event Services Policies. I recognize that completion of this form does not guarantee me space for my event. I understand that I will have to approve a provided event quote before my event is confirmed. I agree to notify Event Services as soon as possible if my event needs to be rescheduled or canceled.


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